"This is the best website our agency has ever produced."

We thrive on our clients' success. Our job is to help marketing, advertising, and design agencies succeed, and comments like this are what fuels the fire. After a long, hot summer full of challenging projects and tight deadlines, this singular statement (made in a shared Slack channel by Jake Hirzel, our client at 87AM in Manhattan), made it all worthwhile. It's the success of our clients and their projects that gets us going in the morning--and what keeps us working into the night.

We love to work with clients of our own, too. While shotgunflat partners daily with great agencies around the U.S., we also work with a large number of our own direct customers, in all types of business, from kids' clothing to internet connectivity providers--and everything in between.

(Take a look at the samples below for a glimpse at some of our work.)

  • Lobster Trap Restaurant

    Design | CMS | Development | Mobile/Responsive | Hosting/Maintenance

    Over the last 47 years, the Lobster Trap has grown from a fish market to restaurant, caterer and a distribution company. We've worked with the Lobster Trap over the last decade to ensure their website keeps up with the changes at the restaurant. We redesigned, recoded and updated their new site. The site is built using an Expression Engine backend to allow for various updates site wide and puts more emphasis on the mobile experience.

  • Quincy College

    Design | CMS | Development | Mobile/Responsive

    We worked with the Quincy College Marketing Department to redesign, recode and update their new site. The site is built using a custom Wordpress backend to allow for various departments to access the content they need to access without affecting other areas of the site.

  • TrueMotion

    CMS | Development | Mobile

    TrueMotion is committed to ending distracted driving - and we're helping them achieve this noble goal by partnering with Holland-Mark to develop a new responsive site on our own custom Wordpress build.

  • Winstanley Enterprises

    CMS | Development | Mobile | Hosting/Maintenance

    Winstanley's Mission: to provide superior real estate investment returns for their investors, and high-quality leased space for our tenants at or below market rates. We worked with Holland-Mark to redesign and rebuild their website from scratch.

  • Colby-Sawyer College

    Development | ExpressionEngine | Custom Integration | Maintenance

    We worked with our friends at Holland-Mark to help create Colby-Sawer College's Infinity fundraising campaign. The site is built with custom responsive templates, layered on the ExpressionEngine platform, and targeted at CSC's wide net of alumni and friends.

  • Bolt Insurance

    Design | Development | WordPress | Maintenance

    We worked with our good friends at Nowspeed to develop the brand-new website for Bolt Insurance. Along with creating a brand-new look and feel and CMS build, we also migrated an incredible amount of content (thousands of pages, blog entries, etc.) as well. The Bolt site is responsive, and runs on our own special WordPress installation.

  • Morgan & Milo

    Development | Magento E-Commerce | Mobile | SEO | Hosting/Maintenance

    We worked with Morgan & Milo and Boston agency Moth Design to build out their beautiful children's clothing site. The site features hand-written front-end code, a fully responsive design, and a full custom Magento eCommerce store powering the backend. We worked through pixel-perfect design needs and tight deadlines to deliver a site that raises the bar for shopping online for children's clothing. We continue to work with Morgan & Milo today to maintain and keep the site up-to-date and cutting edge.

  • Holland-Mark

    WordPress | Development | Mobile | Hosting/Maintenance

    One of our favorite clients in the world is Holland-Mark, located in Boston. We had the pleasure of working with the creative team at Holland-Mark to implement the design for their own agency site. It features an incredible amount of hand-written HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a fully customized WordPress backend. We're particularly proud of the painstaking detail work that went into the responsive behavior of the site.

  • The Lion King

    ExpressionEngine | Development | Mobile

    We worked with Disney Theatre Group in New York and their agency of record, 87AM, to create the all-new Lion King website. It's a big, beautiful design, with a lot of fine details in the background that make it tick--including a robust Ticketmaster integration, easy-to-use Content Management system, and much more. Don't forget to check it out on mobile, too!

  • HAAS

    WordPress | Development | Mobile | Hosting/Maintenance

    We worked with Holland-Mark to provide development and support for the launch of the brand-new Haas website. The site features a WordPress backend, responsive design, and lots of ways to make you thirsty.

  • Marvel Universe Live

    Drupal | Development | Mobile

    Marvel Universe Live is a show that pushes the live entertainment envelope--and we wanted the website to do the same. We worked with another agency to provide expert HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Drupal programming as a compliment to their design chops. The result is a fun, great-looking, responsive site that has continued to evolve throughout the past several months since launch.

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The shotgunflat team

Our team is made up of a blend of full-time staff in Middleboro, Massachusetts and great contractors around the country (Washington, DC, Tampa, New Orleans, and Seattle, to be exact.)

Mike McKenna

Partner, Information Architect

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Partner, Production Director

Chris Herlihy

Partner, Business Development

Ruston Eastman

Client Service and SEO

Casey Botelho


Robert Murphy

Project Manager

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We're located in downtown Middleboro, MA at 12 S. North Main St.